The wooden bath renaissance

About Us




This comes from three sources:


• Shapes and materials direct from nature, which then take on their own heavenly forms.

• The handcraft tradition, with know-how and expertise passed down over thousands of years.

• The people themselves – their wishes and desires for their own bath.

    These three sources of inspiration flow together to help inspire the creative process.

Organic Design

We decided to develop baths with a new, organic shape which would enhance our range. We envisaged a form of sculpture which also provided a comfortable bathing experience: a fusion of art and function. The idea of a shell shape came up, but it soon became clear it would be difficult to achieve with the traditional, horizontally layered construction methods. Almost all modern solid wood baths are layered horizontally. This style seriously restricted the design possibilities, as the natural form of the wood itself came into conflict with the concept of the bath which we were looking to create.


Our first shell-style bathtub, the “Muschel”, was well received. However, made up of 350 separate pieces it was very complex to build. So, the following year we developed a simplified model, the “Nautilus”.  With only 12 curved pieces it dramatically streamlined the manufacturing process.

Vision and Values

The design and hand-crafted production of the highest quality wooden bathroom fittings - Swiss from start to finish.


A holistic approach: Design, testing, production, environmental sustainability and marketability all come to together to help shape the creative process.


Christian values are at the heart of our work: people working for and with each other from our apprentices, right through to customers.



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