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Care and Maintenance

Wooden baths and washbasins are easy to maintain. Wood doesn’t attract static so dirt doesn’t collect as easily.

* Rinse the tub with cold water after a bath.


* Standing water that dries up can lead to limescale build-up, especially on the bottom of the bath and around the drain. Make sure to dry the bottom of the bath with a towel after use.

* If dirt does start to build up in the tub wash with warm water, then clean with a sponge and solution (provided by us). Afterwards rinse with water and leave to dry (at least 12 hours).

* If water is no longer rolling off the surfaceit’s time for a full treatment Spray the bath with the cleaning solution provided and after leaving to soak for 20 minutes clean with a dry cloth (no need to polish). This should be done 2-3 times a year.

Try to avoid using:  limescale removers, abrasive sponge pads and steel wool.

Take care with: alcohol-based products, nail polish remover, hair dye, aftershaves and perfumes.

Recoating Options

If the surface should degrade the bath can be re-oiled. This is something that is best completed by us. A new coat is not normally required as the cleaning solution contains oil and with each use applies a thin layer of oil to the surface of the bath.


Sales and delivery terms

Delivery terms


Segmentally-bonded baths  (Syna and Elegance)


In standard sizes and wood :                       3 months

Custom size and wood:                                4 months


Baths with curved wooden panels (Nautilus and Gondola)


In standard sizes and wood :                       4 months

Custom size and wood:                                5 months


Store model:                                                 1 week




Long / Short

Nautilus ergo

Long / Short


Long / Short






Wedge k.

Elegance k.



5 years

 On all washbasins and baths, as well as their functionality and surface.



•    Temperature! Wood naturally expands and contracts. To ensure that the pieces of solid wood don’t bend and distort, the humidity of the room should be kept between 40-60%. In most cases, a humidifier will be needed in winter. This will also has health benefits for the residents of the house.

  • Follow use and maintenance directions according to instructions.





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