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Eine lange Tradition

Eine Lange Tradition

A Long Tradition

It’s difficult to say exactly when man first stepped into a wooden bath. All that we can say is that the wooden bath has a long and rich tradition. In bathhouses, wooden tubs were popular for bathing and as a therapeutic means. The modern use as we know it today dates back over hundreds of years.

In the 20th Century however, cheaper metal and synthetic materials came to prominence, until the point where almost every household had its own bathtub.

The concept of a wooden bath may seem like a strange one today, but it is in fact one of the purest and most comfortable forms of bathing. And this is perhaps why the wooden bath is now beginning to attract a great deal of attention.


The wooden bathtub has started to become popular once again as home owners and spas rethink their bathroom designs. 

Hansjakob Wetli was the first person in Switzerland to start manufacturing wooden bathtubs again. The modern bath differs from the more traditional bucket-shaped tub in its segmental approach to production, which has been made possible thanks to a new type of bonding. This results in greater comfort and produces a smooth and seamless surface to bathe in.

Wasser und Holz

A fusion of wood and water

    •       wood and water work well together

    •       the touch and feeling of wood on the skin is an                experience which truly awakens all the senses.

    •       natural wood is good for the skin.

    •       a thing of beauty, which turns the bathroom into              a living space.

    •       limescale and dirt no longer an issue.

    •       wet wood is predominantly non-slip.

    •       organic elements: solid wood, oil and wax.

    •       an oasis, a place of peace and serenity.

    •       suitable for allergy sufferers.

    •       insulates well, water stays warmer for longer 


    •       wood has been used for thousands of years                   for vessels and ships.

Übers Herstellen

About the production

Our products are designed and manufactured in Switzerland.

As we produce everything by hand, each bath ends up with its own individual feel and character.

We only use the highest quality solid wood.



     •        Water stays warmer for much longer.

    •       The ultimate form of relaxation.

    •       One customer had tried numerous types of bath to help with her skin problems. Our                  beech bath was her best purchase by far.

    •       It has far exceeded my expectations.

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