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Nautilus Long

  • Swiss-made

  • Length:  220cm

  • Width: 135cm 

  • Room for 2 people

  • Pressure controlled drainage (no overspill)

  • Skin friendly oiled surface, which doesn’t attract limescale and dirt.

  • Prices from: 23,800 CHF - excl. VAT

  • Walnut Bath, as shown (28,500 CHF)

  • 5 year warranty

The organic shape is perfectly suited to households with pets and plants. The beauty and originality of the design will bring a unique feeling of the ocean to your home.

Enjoy as you like it: lay back and relax either lengthways or across, bathe alone or take a romantic bath for two. The kids will also have lots of fun in this tub. The bath can be installed freely in a room or on a block against the wall or a corner.

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